Veasey's offers study packages for self-directed study towards the two exams. We supply study packs for candidates:

  •  to study to their own time schedule

  •  by their own methods and

  •  without having to travel long distances to classes.

With the nationwide spread of candidates, their many unique time targets and commitments, we have decided that this is the most practicable way to be of service.

Although you don't need to be accepted as a candidate to make use of us, some people choose to first get their eligibility sorted out - that is a personal decision.


  1. Plant Engineering: FACTORIES or MINES

  2. Legal Knowledge: FACTORIES or MINES

  3. Both Plant Engineering & Legal Knowledge: FACTORIES or MINES

We propose that typically one should allow about six months’ study before writing Legal Knowledge and a year for Plant Engineering, but that depends on personal circumstances.




The Plant Engineering Course:

This consists of 30 study and working papers for MINES, and 23 for FACTORIES.  There are also 50 student series exercises. These consist of over 400 past examination questions to be worked by the student.  This is strongly reinforces the lessons given. The course also includes over 700 worked past examination questions in support of the lessons.

The papers have been prepared and honed over the last 90 years to meet the requirements of the examination only. The syllabus, however, is so extensive that these papers cover a very wide spectrum of engineering knowledge and needs. The modules often stay as reference sources on engineer’s shelves for many years.

The papers are structured to provide a good basic reading of the fundamentals/laws of the topic with formulae, examples and diagrams. This is followed by a section on past examination questions with model answers. The lesson is completed with two relevant series of student work. These exercises are nearly always based on past papers as well.

The Legal Knowledge (Law) Course:

The objective of this course is to make the learning process of a difficult subject easier, and more meaningful. The student is encouraged, at every point, to navigate in the law book and write answers to exam questions, and to learn critical areas. There is also an emphasis on areas most commonly questioned. If the student does all the set work of 27 tests the law required for this examination should be grasped thoroughly. There is one module structured in three parts in this course; i.e. Study Guide, Exam Papers and Answers, and the Mock Exams.

Part 1: This is a 27 page study guide. This examination demands quite different learning techniques from the plant course. Here the demand is for understanding and some rote learning.

Facts, particularly the definitions, must be known and they must be correct. The guide offers several methods for acquiring skills for such learning. Use the walk about technique to consolidate learning.

Part 2: This is a set of the last several years of examination questions and the answers side by side with comment where relevant. Each examination is followed by a mock exam (27 exams in all). Some of the tests are structured for the student to write questions and answer them; a much stronger learning exercise. A self-test mask in included.

Part 3: This has three (3) mock examinations for the student to have a final experience of an examination condition under invigilation (by a dear one or friend.) 

Past Examination Papers - Plant Engineering:

A collection of examination questions and answers is provided in two book supplements of for both MINES and FACTORIES:

  • Mechanical

  • Electrical and Risk/Safety.


Exam Papers: A comprehensive analysis is now possible of the examination papers for the last 10 years. This is a great aid in the completion period of the studies and final preparation.

The Help Line:

The ‘HELP LINE’ is available on e-mail for students with queries or problems. Our consultant is available during office hours to assist students and can direct the student. 

Risk Management:

A comprehensive course on this important aspect of Health and Safety is now added. Elements of this topic are constantly appearing in the exam. A safety/audit plan is essential.

Veasey's Engineering College Methods:

The student studies a paper and works on the test questions at the end of the paper. When this exercise is completed, the student requests the answers to the work by e-mail from Veasey's Engineering College.

The student then has a confrimation session at home where the most valuable part of the study occurs. Veaseys' solutions are then carefully compared with the student's efforts. This is a valuable and professional approach to learning, and should never be put off or missed.

Previously, marked or graded work papers were often filed away without follow up - the only interest being the grade given (A+ to E-).

The papers can be worked in any order depending on the student’s needs. When the student is in the final stages of preparation for the examination the books of examination papers should be used, and provide a very useful tool.

The HELP LINE is always open for advice and encouragement.