• A Study Guide

  • Study charts

  • Past examination papers and answers with comments and suggestions

  • Tests on the law. 

  • The Definitions Book: Every definition in the Law Acts and Regulations. Law studies made easier with all the critical definitions. It is possible to have up to 30 marks on definitions in the exam.

  • Some examination papers to use as a mock examination scenario. The final test!

  • An analysis chart of the topics examined in the law papers, and the scale of marks awarded.

  • Some notes on regulations, codes of practice, SANS documents and risk.


The essential objective throughout the module is to encourage you to work in the law book and to become very familiar with its contents. To sit down and just work your way through the law book with no real objective or guidance is a heart breaking, and for many people, an impossible task. We hope that with this method by the end of the course you will know your way around the law so well that with any question that comes along you will know where it comes from and can recall sufficient detail of the matter to answer a question. We are convinced that familiarity and good study techniques will assist the necessary learning. 

To sum up it is essential to work through all the tests and know your way around that law book so that it has no fear for you.