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In your Plant Engineering: FACTORIES package, you will receive the following:

Plant Module: (up to 22 papers) In the modules and supplementaries are 30 years of past questions and answers. A great study experience, and a valuable asset to passing the exam.

Exam Question Topics: A detailed analysis of 5 years of the topics/subjects used in the exam questions. A hierarchy of occurrence. We have a concentration of study plan on the topics most often used. A real study guide for success.

350 Past Questions: The course work has 350 past questions to work through as

part of the learning strategy. Solutions are sent immediately by email on submission

of completed tests. 

Supplementary Volumes: Well prepared and comprehensive back-up notes on:

  1. Guidelines (how to study, bibliography, re-marks, recounts & advice on law)                              

  2. A look at 20 essential fundamentals in the ‘ticket’ syllabus

  3. Mechanics: wide ranging back-up course

  4. Excellent back-up notes on Power Protection

Extra Notes: Extra notes on SANS, Government memos, how to improve

your competency, codes of practice etc. are provided.

Updated Course Work: Our updated comprehensive course work has been prepared continuously over the last 50 years by Members of the Commission of Examiners, inspectors, university lecturers, heads of departments, consultants, retired engineers and guys on the ground. All have contributed their knowledge, experience and know how to the present courses. We never stop developing and improving the courses!

Department of Labour: Veasey's will guide you with starting off with the DoL, including assistance with qualifying subjects, application forms for acceptance with the Commission of Examiners and getting in contact with the DOL.

Risk & Safety: An excellent course on all aspects of Risk. Other risk aspects such as conveyors are covered in the notes. All candidates for the exams should endeavor to take a Risk course as part of their preparation for the exams.